Ideal and unique approach for recording and/or stimulating small neural pools below the cortical surface, and unparalleled chronic deep brain single unit recording performance.

- Up to 96 microwires.
- 0.5 - 2 mm.
- Multiple connectors will be splayed al an angle to allow more

than one headstage to be connected simultaneusly.

- Silicone Strain Relief.

- Connectors angled to accommodate multiple headstages.
- Ground Wire.

FMA - Length

A sophisticated neural interface used for stimulation and/or recording in acute and/or chronic experiments.
The perfect choice for intracortical, subcortical, spinal cord or peripheral nerve bundle studies.

The LMA is an extremely customizable linear array alternative that features positionable electrode sites, simultaneous recording and stimulation, and a rugged design that allows for the penetration of dural membrane and reusability over multiple acute insertions.

Provides multiple contacts along one or more shanks, for acute or chronic experiments.

Linear Microelectrode Array
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Microprobes for Life Science provide researchers across the globe with the highest quality microelectrodes and microelectrode arrays for all types of electrophysiology studies both in vivo and in vitro, chronic and acute.


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  • Floating Array

    A sophisticated neural interface that is typically best suited for chronic recording and/or stimulation in large animal cortex. MORE
  • Nerve Cuff

    Microprobes Nerve Cuff Electrodes are designed for reliable recording and/or stimulation for peripheral nerves. MORE
  • Monopolar Electrodes

    Microprobes for Life Science Monopolar Microelectrodes are available in Tungsten, Platinum/Iridium, Elgiloy, and Pure Iridium metal MORE

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First human implantation of the WFMA for intracortical visual prosthesis

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