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A CMOS Current Steering Neurostimulation Array With Integrated DAC Calibration and Charge Balancing
Author(s): Greenwald, E; Maier, C; Wang, Q; Beaulieu, R; Etienne-Cummings, R; Cauwenberghs, G; Thakor, N - (2017)
Sensitivity of neurons in the middle temporal area of marmoset monkeys to random dot motion
Author(s): Chaplin, TA; Allitt, BJ; Hagan, MA; Price, NSC; Rajan, R; Rosa, MGP; Lui, LL - (2017)
Feasibility of deep brain stimulation for controlling the lower urinary tract functions: An animal study
Author(s): Chen, SC; Chu, PY; Hsieh, TH; Li, YT; Peng, CW - (2017)
The medullary dorsal reticular nucleus as a relay for descending pronociception induced by the mGluR5 in the rat infralimbic cortex
Author(s): David-Pereira, A; Sagalajev, B; Wei, H; Almeida, A; Pertovaara, A; Pinto-Ribeiro, F - (2017)
Differential effects of levodopa and apomorphine on neuronal population oscillations in the cortico-basal ganglia loop circuit in vivo in experimental parkinsonism
Author(s): Kühn, J; Haumesser, JK; Beck, MH; Altschüler, J; Kühn, AA; Nikulin, VV;van Riesen, C. - (2017)
The habenula as a critical node in chronic stress-related anxiety
Author(s): Jacinto, LR; Mata, R; Novais, A; Marques, F; Sousa, N. - (2017)
The BET/BRD inhibitor JQ1 improves brain plasticity in WT and APP mice
Author(s): Benito, E; Ramachandran, B; Schroeder, H; Schmidt, G; Urbanke, H; Burkhardt, S; Capece, V; Dean, C; Fischer, A. - (2017)
Ablation of neuropsin-neuregulin 1 signaling imbalances ErbB4 inhibitory networks and disrupts hippocampal gamma oscillation
Author(s): Kawata, M; Morikawa, S; Shiosaka, S; Tamura, H. - (2017)
Resistance to action potential depression of a rat axon terminal in vivo
Author(s): Martijn C. Sierksma and J. Gerard G. Borsta - (2017)
Altered Expression of Reorganized Inputs as They Ascend From the Cuneate Nucleus to Cortical Area 3b in Monkeys With Long-Term Spinal Cord Injuries
Author(s): Halder, P;Kambi, N;Chand, P;Jain, N - (2017)
Age-related changes in the spatiotemporal responses to electrical stimulation in the visual cortex of rats with progressive vision loss
Author(s): Miyamoto, S;Suematsu, N;Umehira, Y;Hayashida, Y;Yagi, T - (2017)
Selective Silencing of Hippocampal Parvalbumin Interneurons Induces Development of Recurrent Spontaneous Limbic Seizures in Mice
Author(s): Drexel, M;Romanov, RA;Wood, J;Weger, S;Heilbronn, R;Wulff, P;Tasan, RO;Harkany, T;Sperk, G - (2017)
Giant modulation of the electronic band gap of carbon nanotubes by dielectric screening
Author(s): Aspitarte, L; McCulley, DR; Bertoni, A;Island, JO; Ostermann, M; Rontani, M; Steele, GA; Minot, ED - (2017)
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Effective Deep Brain Stimulation Suppresses Low-Frequency Network
Author(s): George C. McConnell,Rosa Q. So, Justin D. Hilliard, Paola Lopomo, and Warren M. Grill - (2012)
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Characterizing Effects of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain on Methamphetamine - Parkinsonian Rats
Author(s): Rosa Q. So, George C. McConnell, Auriel T. August, and Warren M. Grill - (2012)
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Magnetic resonance image-guided implantation of chronic recording electrodes in the macaque
Author(s): H. Scherberger, I. Fineman, S. Musallam, D. J. Dubowitz, K. A. Bernheim, B. Pesaran, B. D. Corneil - (2003)
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Information for decision-making and stimulus identification is multiplexed in sensory cortex
Author(s): David H Gire, Jennifer D Whitesell, Wilder Doucette & Diego Restrepo - (2013)
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Associative Cortex Features in the First Olfactory Brain Relay Station
Author(s): Wilder Doucette, David H. Gire, Jennifer Whitesel Vanessa Carmean, Mary T. Lucero,and Diego Restrepo - (2011)
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Need for Related Multipronged Approaches to Understand Olfactory Bulb Signal Processing
Author(s): Diego Restrepo, Jennifer Whitesell, and Wilder Doucette - (2009)
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From the top down: flexible reading of a fragmented odor map
Author(s): Diego Restrepo, Wilder Doucette, Jennifer D. Whitesell, Thomas S. McTavish and Ernesto Salcedo - (2009)
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Profound Context-Dependent Plasticity of Mitral Cell Responses in Olfactory Bulb
Author(s): Wilder Doucette, Diego Restrepo - (2008)
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Functional Connectivity and Tuning Curves in Populations of Simultaneously Recorded Neurons
Author(s): Ian H. Stevenson, Brian M. London, Emily R. Oby, Nicholas A. Sachs, Jacob Reimer, Bernhard Englitz, Stephen V. David, Shihab A. Shamma, (Read More) - (2012)
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Putting the Tritone Paradox into Context: Insights from Neural Population Decoding and Human Psychophysics
Author(s): Bernhard Englitz, S Akram, S V David, C Chambers, Daniel Pressnitzer, D Depireux, J B Fritz, Shihab A Shamma - (2013)
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