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FMA Customer Recognition

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 FMA Customer Feedback Survey is now closed and have two winners!

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Intracortical Visual Prosthesis: The Clinical Trial The ICVP Project

Microprobes is honored to be one of the seven team members of the IntraCortical Visual Prosthesis (ICVP) project which received NIH funding to proceed with the first human clinical trial of the implantation of miniature wireless 16-channel stimulation modules into the occipital lobe for the purpose of providing visual perception to people with blindness.

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Microprobes for Life Science would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the winners of the “2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey" raffle!. In April of 2016, more than 130 researchers around the world were contacted to provide us with feedback of their experience with our products as well as the results they obtained after implanting our Nerve Cuff Electrodes, Microelectrode Arrays [MEAs] and Microwire Arrays [MWAs].
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