Single Electrodes

Microprobes for Life Science Monopolar Microelectrodes are available in Tungsten, Platinum/Iridium, Elgiloy, and Pure Iridium metal, and are insulated with a thin film of vapor-deposited parylene-C. Each electrode is etched to a fine taper and tipped using a proprietary process to a specific impedance value. Four different tip profiles are also available to further fine-tune your electrode selection to your particular application.

Single Electrodes

We offer a variety of different tip alternatives for those that prefer a specialized electrode profile for their research.

The tip selection can provide subtle yet important changes to the performance of the electrode, as described below. It is recommended that first time users consider experimenting with different tip profiles to determine which works best for their recording or stimulation protocols.

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How to select your Metal Microelectrode (Video)

Single Electrodes Array Configuration
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