Floating Microelectrode Arrays

In-Vivo Tests of a 16-Channel Implantable Wireless Neural Stimulator


Wireless stimulation of neural tissue could enable many emerging neural prosthesis designs, and eliminate problems associated with percutaneous wires and connectors. Our laboratory has developed a 16-channel wireless floating microelectrode array (WFMA) for chronic implantation. Here, we report on its first use within in-vivo experiments, using a rat sciatic nerve model. Stimulus currents and associated muscular movements were determined for electrodes of two WFMA devices implanted into four animal subjects.

Published in: Institute


Martin Bak, Philip Troyk, Samuel Bredeson, Stuart Cogan, Mario Romero-Ortega, Sungjae Suh, Zhe Hu, Aswini Kanneganti, Rafael Granja-Vazquez, Jennifer Seifert

Publication Information:

Journal of Neural Engineering, Volume 14, Number 1 | 2015
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