Microelectrode Arrays

A chronically implantable, hybrid cannula-electrode device for assessing the effects of molecules on electrophysiological signals in freely behaving animals


We describe a device for accessing the effects of diffusible molecules on electrophysiological recordings from multiple neurons. This device allows for the infusion of reagents through a cannula approximate to an array of micro-electrodes. The device can easily be customized to target specific neural structures. It is designed to be chronically implanted so that isolated neural units and local field potentials are recorded over the course of several weeks or months. When coupled with wireless telemetry, the device can be implanted completely subcutaneously and provides continuous infusion of reagents and monitoring of signals in the freely behaving animal. Multivariate statistical and spectral analysis of electrophysiological signals acquired using this system could quantitatively identify electrical “signatures” of therapeutically useful drugs.

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Bradley Greger, Babak Kateb, Marty Bak, Peter Gruen, Paul H. Patterson

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Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125
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