Biphasic Pulse Generator

Biphasic Pulse Generator


The BPG-1P is a portable, pulse generator for neuroscientific experimentation. The unit is lightweight, versatile and battery operated for convenience. It can generate single or dual pulses of either positive or negative polarity as well as alternating positive and negative pulses.

The output amplitude is adjustable from 0Volts to + and – 10V peak. It operates in either free-running mode, triggered or gated mode.

For more detailed description please download our manual: Download Owners Manual


BPG-1P - Biphasic Pulse Generator
Item Description
Pulse Width 10us to 980ms in 4 ranges
  • 10us 99us
  • 100us 990us
  • 1ms 99ms
  • 100ms 980ms
Accuracy of Pulse width within 1 percent of selected value
Period 1ms to 990ms in 3 ranges
  • 1ms 9.9ms
  • 10ms 99ms
  • 100ms 990ms
Accuracy of period within 1 percent of selected value
Delay (start of train after trigger) 10us -> 990ms in 4 ranges
Interval 10us to 99ms in 4 ranges
  • 10us 99us
  • 100us 990us
  • 1ms 9.9ms
  • 10ms 99ms
  • Single Positive, Single Negative
  • Alternating negative and positive
  • Double positive, or Double negative
Output Voltage (peak) Continuously variable from 0 to 10V (+/-)
Rise Time/Fall Time < 50 ns from 0 to +10V or 0 to -10V
Input impedance (trig & enable) 100 kilo Ohms
Minimum Trigger Pulse Width 5 microseconds
Power (2) 3.6 Volt lithium-metal C-cell batteries
Current Draw <16mA (typical)
Battery Life >500hrs. Continuous duty (typical)
Dimensions 9” (22.9cm) W x 3.5” (8.9 cm) H x 7.5” (19 cm) D
Weight 1 lb. (454mg)

Display - Liquid crystal graphic

BPG-1P Display Specifications
  1. Battery status
  2. Waveform
  3. Period
  4. Triggered/free run mode
  5. Pulse-width
  6. Interval (double pulses)
  7. Delay (when in “triggered” mode)
  8. Output status (on or off)


BPG-1P - Biphasic Pulse Generator
Download Manual

File name: BPG-1P Owners-Manual.pdf


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File name: BSI-2A Owners-Manual.pdf

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