The LUNA system is a novel hypercutaneous implantable stimulation and recording solution that offers unprecedented flexibility and performance in a tiny package. It forms the backbone of our cutting edge WFMA device currently in testing for the human ICVP project, and will be adapted in the near future to support a variety of cortical, peripheral, and spinal implants.


  • Up to 127 implanted modules can be powered and controlled by a single external telemetry controler.
  • Does not require implanted batteries.
  • Does not involve percutaneous connectors.
  • Reduces tissue damage.
  • Increases experimental longevity.
LUNA modules
Implantable ModulesTelemetry Controllers
L4 - 4 Stimulation Channels
Pulse amplitude 8uA – 1016uA
Pulse width 2us – 450us
Autonomous stimulation 250Hz – 60kHz

4 Recording Channels

  • Up to 23kHz sample rate.
  • Record during autonomous stimulation.

Diagnostics Telemetry

  • Monitor electrode and module functions.
  • View autonomous stimulation waveform on any channel.

Each stimulation and recording channel can by dynamically assigned to any of 16 electrode terminals.

LUNA - Link for Untethered Neural Access
S16 - 16 Stimulation Channels
Pulse amplitude 2uA – 256uA
Pulse width 50us – 1550us

Diagnostics Telemetry

  • Monitor electrode and module functions.
  • View stimulation waveform on any channel.


Flexible & easy to use

The T1 allows complete control of your electrodes through a MATLAB-based graphical interface installed on your laboratory PC.

  • Compatible with L4 or S16 modules via firmware update.
  • Interchangeable antennas for multiple experimental modes.
  • Customized software available for unique applications.
Available Q2 2020


Seamless & powerful

The T2 connects to your existing laboratory hardware for a transparent electrode experience. Stimulate or record from LUNA modules as if they were wired electrodes.

  • Compatible with both L4 and S16 modules out of the box.
  • Built-in control software (no PC necessary).
Available Q3 2020


A standalone electrode experience

The T3 uses advanced built-in software and requires no PC or existing laboratory hardware. Control implantable stimulation and recording electrodes from the ground up with the LUNA T3.

  • Full turnkey implantable electrode solution.
Available Q4 2020