SMP 10-ch & 12-ch Nerve Cuffs

SMP 10-ch & 12-ch NERVE CUFFS


Qualia 1820-10


Qualia 3300-12


For researchers interested in higher channel count cuffs, we offer our NC-1820-10 and NC-3300-12. These cuffs are designed with two or four larger electrodes on each end of the cuff and eight smaller electrodes in between the larger electrodes.


  Qualia 1820-10 Qualia 3300-12
  NC-1820-10 NC-3300-12
Device length 5.200 mm 6.800 mm
Device width 5.410 mm 5.670 mm
Device thickness 30 ± 5 µm 30 ± 5 µm
Large electrode size 1.590 x 0.490 mm 1.590 x 0.490 mm
Large electrode area 0.777 mm2 0.777 mm2
Small electrode size 0.590 x 0.290 mm 0.790 x 0.490 mm
Small electrode area 0.171 mm2 0.387 mm2
Electrode sites 10 12
Electrode spacing 0.500, 0.200 mm 0.200, 0.500 mm
Standard electrode material* TiN TiN
Connector options Bare wires, Plastics One, Omnetics Bare wires, Plastics One, Omnetics

*All device electrodes can be custom-made using TiN, Au, Pt, or SIROF


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