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Chronic EMG Patch

Chronic EMG Patch

Floating Microelectrode Arrays - FMA & HD-FMA

FMA 36-ch Electrode Array
FMA 36-ch (two connectors)
FMA 18-ch Electrode Array
HD-FMA 36-ch Electrode Array
HD-FMA 36-ch (two connectors)
HD-FMA 18-ch Electrode Array

Linear Micro Electrode Array - LMA

LMA - Single Shank
LMA - Multi Shank
LMA - Flexible Cable - Single or Multi Shank

Microwire Brush Array - MBA

Microwire Brush Array

Microelectrode Array - MEA

Microelectrode Array
MEA for the EDDS Microdrive

Microwire Array - MWA

Microwire Array

Nerve Cuff

Standard, Microcuff and Nanocuff
Concentric Nerve Cuff
X-wide Contacts Cuff

Opto Arrays