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Microwire Brush Array (MBA)
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  8. General Specifications

    The flexible output cable of the MBA has been designed specifically for chronic applications. The fine leads which extend from the microfil tube are coated with a silicon elastomer, allowing the tube to virtually float in the brain.

    The diameter of the Microfil tube will depend on the number of wires (ie. electrode sites) and the diameter of the wires as shown in Table 1.

    MicroFil™ WPI, Inc. is constructed of fused silica, coated with Polyimide.

    Microwire Brush Array (MBA)
    • a = Length of the Microfil Tube (2.5 to 120 mm max).
    • b = Microwire contact size (determined by the selection of wire diameter).
    • c = Distance of the microwires extended beyond Microfil Tube (2 mm max).
    • n = Total # of recording wires & reference.
    • X = Diameter of the Microfil Tube (refer to the Table 1).
    • L = Length of the Flexible cable.

    Table 1: Microfil tube sizes for different numbers of 12.5µm wires
    Outer Diameter Microfil Size Number of wires
    For more information of different wire diameters and combinations, please contact us at
    350 µm 28 gauge 16 - 32
    430 µm 26 gauge 33 - 64
    665 µm 23 gauge 65 - 128
    Design Specifications
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    (including Ref) (8 to 128)
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    (mm) - (2.5 to 120 mm max)
  13. Impedance value
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  14. 4. c: Length of the wires extended beyond Microfil(*)
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    (mm) (0.5 to 2mm)
  15. 5. L: Length of the flexible output cable
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