Online Form - MEA for the EDDS Microdrive

Micro Electrode Array [MEA] for the EDDS Microdrive
The EDDS Array provides a mechanical positioning system for chronically implanted 1D, 2D and 3D arrays.

Compared with fixed implants the EDDS Array Microdrive allows precise repositioning of the electrodes in depth which increases the yield and flexibility during chronic recordings.

The maximum depth of penetration of an Microelectrodes Array (MEA) using the EDDS Array Microdrive is 7.5 mm. Further, implantation and reusability are simplified to a large degree.

Micro Electrode Array
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    Channel Pinout Advertence
    To ensure your complete satisfaction, MicroProbes for Life Science will provide a photograph and copy of the pin layout mapping and corresponding microelectrodes, including reference and ground, with your shipped order.

    Connector pin assignments will reflect connector pin numbers NOT headstage channel numbers

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