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General Specifications

Nickel-chromium alloy (Ni-Cr)

Ni-Cr Microwire Array specifications

  • Metal: Nickel-chromium alloy (Ni-Cr)
  • Wire diameter: 50 microns
  • Reference connection: Ni-Cr wire
  • Ground connection: Silver external wire
  • Impedance: 300~500 kOhms @ 1 kHz
  • Ground connection: Silver external wire


  Works Out of Box (if connector supported) Requires Adapter
8ch connector AM-Systems, MCS, Plexon, TBSI AO, Bio-Signal, Blackrock, Neuralynx, Neuronexus, Ripple, TDT
16ch connector AO, AM-Systems, Bio-Signal, Blackrock, MCS, Neuronexus, Plexon, TBSI Neuralynx, Ripple, TDT

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